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In Memoriam: Fergus McGovern

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In Memoriam: Fergus McGovern

Fergus McGovern, a games industry veteran who co-founded Probe Software and HotGen, has passed away suddenly at the age of 50 following a transatlantic flight.

McGovern was just a teenager when he co-founded Probe Software with Vakis Paraskeva in 1984, and over the following decade he became known to gamers through his unusual appearances in gaming easter eggs – a low score on Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper would result in the player being asked “Is that you, Fergus?” and the Mega Drive version of Mortal Kombat II featured the infamous Fergality. The company became known for its excellent work in taking on licensed projects, particularly coin-op conversions, and was acquired by Acclaim in 1995.

In the years that followed, Fergus McGovern would become heavily involved in Crystal Palace FC, serving on the board of directors for over 15 years. He also founded HotGen, a manufacturer of plug-and-play TV games which in recent times has moved into mobile game development.

Our best wishes go out to Fergus’ family, including his wife and three children, as well as friends and former colleagues.

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