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IndieGO! Currently In Crowdfunding Phase

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The IndieGO! is on Kickstarter!

“But what, pray tell, is the IndieGO!?”

Allow us to explain, dear readers. The IndieGO! is a Kickstarter project promising an all-in-one retro console, able to play games from a variety of older systems. With the very cheap and widely-used Raspberry Pi 2 for the hardware base, the system differentiates itself with a nice case, a custom OS and an internal DVD-RW drive, allowing the console to natively play disc-based games.

You can get a case and OS on 16GB SD card for €99, or go the whole hog and grab a full system bundle with the slim DVD drive and Raspberry Pi 2 included for €149. Alternatively, you can go for an Odroid XU4 from €199 and gain access to Gamecube and Wii emulation. As well as the hardware, you’ll get a bunch of commercial software bundled including Jim Power Extended, licensed C64 and Amiga games and more.

If all of that sounds appealing, check out the IndieGO! Kickstarter campaign page here – the minimum goal of €7,500 has already been vastly exceeded.

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