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Inside The Time Trap Arcade

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Inside The Time Trap ArcadeIf you’re the sort of person who loves golden age arcade games (and we’d be surprised if you didn’t, if you’re reading this site), the Time Trap Arcade might just be your cup of tea.

Located within the Cherry Blossom Inn Hotel in Blackpool, the arcade features a variety of classic games in beautiful condition, including the likes of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Defender, Frogger and Darran’s favourite, Dig Dug.

Of course, it’s not just what you play but how you play that’s important, and the Time Trap Arcade offers a variety of VIP nights, high score competitions and more. The arcade can also be hired for events, but the major means of access is VIP membership.

For more details on the Time Trap Arcade and events within, visit the Time Trap Arcade page on the Cherry Blossom Inn Hotel website. You can also visit the corporate website at www.timetraparcade.com and email [email protected] for details.

Inside The Time Trap Arcade

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