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Is Tony Takoushi Planning A Book?

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Is Tony Takoushi Planning A Book?

Of all the names that left a mark on the UK gaming scene in the Eighties and Nineties, Tony Takoushi has to be one of the most recognisable. Many will remember his contributions to the likes of Big K and especially Computer & Video Games, where he launched the Mean Machines console section that gave Nintendo and Sega their first proper UK coverage and introduced the PC Engine to a fevered audience. As well as writing, he created a number of computer games and eventually moved on to work for Sega, Philips and Codemasters, before moving to Australia.

When we interviewed the industry veteran for the PC Engine cover feature in issue 172 of Retro Gamer, he expressed some interest in picking up the pen again, stating the following:

I will probably write a book covering the last 40 or so years across all the machines and games and do a mass sale of the 50 or so boxes of memorabilia hardware (many being one off hardware prototypes) and special games I’ve collected (one off Sega t-shirts/Jackets,pens,bubble gum, notepads,clocks… or the special edition of Elite made for me with a million credits… etc etc)

There’s bound to be some cool stuff in such an archive, and we’d be fascinated to read about his journey through the gaming world. Is this something you’d be interested in too? If so, let us know via the usual means and we’ll make sure that Tony gets the message.

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