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Kick Off Revival Is Less Than A Month Away

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If the idea of balls sticking to your feet as you dribble feels you with dread, you’re either a Kick Off fan or you have a really strange imagination. In any case, you’re probably pleased to learn that Dino Dini’s latest now has a release date announced – and it’s really soon. How soon? Less than a month away – June 17th. Holy cow, Batman!

Now, before you go off and giddily phone your mate Mark who could beat everyone at Kick Off 2 for the Amiga, we should note the caveat. This release date is only for the PS4 version – if you wanted to take your retro football action on the go with the previously-announced Vita version, that’s still coming but it’s later in 2016.

To whet your appetite until then, have a look at the preview trailer above. It’s the first time the gameplay has been seen by people that aren’t Dino Dini or his business associates, and it looks true to the old-school Kick Off form. If that’s still not enough, check out some screenshots on the PlayStation Blog.

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