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Kickstarter C64 Book finally released

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6WJLehsIUIwL93TxWJs9hEw_bk3uG13Mq7c_D84Z0uMCommodore 64: A visual Compendium is on sale now.

Having achieved Kickstarter funding earlier this year, this eagerly anticipated book really hits the spot for C64 fans. The majority of the book contains screenshots of games, accompanied by mini-reviews or quotes from developers and journalists of the time, arranged in chronological order to give a real sense of how the machine developed over its lifetime.

The book doesn’t just celebrate the in-game art though, as it also contains a healthy selection of loading screens, hardware photography and even Oliver Frey’s iconic Zzap!64 covers, meaning there’s something for everybody. It’s a comprehensive celebration of C64 culture, from 1982 to the present day and is bound to excite anyone who ever owned Commmodore’s 8-bit home computer.

Commodore 64: A visual Compendium is available now from Funstock priced £24.99.

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