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King Of 94 Tournament Takes Place This Weekend

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King Of 94 Tournament Takes Place This Weekend

If you’re an aficionado of digital ice hockey, you’re probably aware that EA’s NHL 94 is considered by many to be the best hockey game of all time. What you might not be aware of is the fact that there’s a competitive scene for the game – and on Saturday 30 September, at the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas, the King Of 94 tournament is running with a $10,000 prize pot.

The tournament has been organised by Mikey McBryan, world record holder for the largest margin of victory in NHL 94 for the Mega Drive, and prominent player Raphael “KingRaph” Frydman is going to compete. Michael Brook, founder of EA Sports, will serve as the guest referee and the event will be hosted by Arda Ocal, host of The MSG Hockey Show, who has been specially added to the game for the event as you can see above. The event will be capped off with an advanced screening of Pixelated Heroes, an NHL 94 documentary film by event organiser McBryan.

If you feel like joining the competition, registration and rules can be found by clicking here. If you just want to follow the competition and see how the best NHL 94 players in the world do things, make sure to check out King Of 94 on Facebook (click here) or the nhl94.com Twitter (click here) for details of when and where the tournament will be streamed.

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