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King of Fighters 98 goes mobile

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SNK has continued its run of releasing classic Neo Geo games to mobile with The King Of Fighters 98 on iOS and Android. The game supports multiple touch-screen control schemes, including the original 4-button scheme as well as a six-button scheme which offers easy access to special moves. However, if you’re like us and prefer the tactile feel of a stick and buttons, the game offers support for bluetooth controllers too. It also retains its vital 2-player mode. The game is out now for £2.49, and more information can be found on SNK’s official site.

If you’re unfamiliar with The King Of Fighters, here’s a little history lesson. The series began in 1994 as a crossover of SNK’s popular fighting game series Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, with popular characters such as Terry Bogard and Ryo Sakazaki facing off against each other, alongside characters from other SNK games such as Ikari Warriors and Athena. The King Of Fighters 98 is widely considered to be one of the best in the series, as it features almost every character from the 94-97 releases and is excellently balanced. The series continues today, with the most recent release being the excellent The King Of Fighters XIII.

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