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King Of Soles Launches Retro-Inspired Sneakers

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King Of Soles Launches Retro-Inspired Sneakers

We love displaying our interests on our feet. That sounds like a joke, but you’ve not seen Darran striding up and down the office in his Star Wars shoes. In any case, the fact that those were made suggests that there’s a market for cool nostalgia-themed footwear, and Ireland’s first sneaker label King Of Soles is getting in on that action.

Right now, the Kickstarter campaign for the first King Of Soles releases is up and running, and one of the designs you can get hold of is PacAttack, which are clearly based on Namco’s arcade classic Pac-Man – you can see them above. It’s a strictly limited edition run, and only 300 pairs will be made available: 60 each in men’s sizes 7 to 11.

If you want to secure a pair for yourself, you’ll need to back the campaign for €70 or more – and right now it’s at about half of its €5,000 goal, so you may wish to spread the word. Alternatively, if the dot-munching hero doesn’t appeal to you for some reason, you might want to pick up the Bob Marley-themed RastaRunners. To back the campaign or simply find out more, click here.

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