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Little Big Adventure heading to iOS and Android

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Fans of Adeline Software’s classic PC release Little Big Adventure will be pleased to learn that the game is heading to iOS and Android devices – and it’ll be arriving soon, with a release date of March 27th putting it just over a fortnight away.  The conversion has been handled by DotEmu, the team responsible the excellent versions of R-Type and R-Type II that have recently appeared on the phone platforms. You can see a trailer for the game above.

For those who missed it the first time round, Little Big Adventure arrived on PC in 1994. The game put the player in control of Twinsen, a young adventurer incarcerated in a mental asylum by the planetary dictator Dr. FunFrock, due to his prophetic dreams of the apocalypse. After achieving success on the PC, the game later received a PlayStation port in 1996 and a sequel in 1997.

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