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Malcolm Evans Writes Charity Book

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If you were a Sinclair devotee in the early Eighties, you very likely remember the work of Malcolm Evans, the coder behind games such as 3D Monster Maze for the ZX81 and Trashman for the ZX Spectrum. While he’s no longer writing games, he is still writing – and he’s just released a new book via New Generation Publishing, Travels With Suzy, Doc And Ella: The Kiwi Search For Pararaiha. All royalties from the book are to be donated to Cancer Research UK, and it’s available on Amazon now.

The blurb for the book is below:

Travels with Suzy, Doc and Ella is ostensibly the account of two journeys around New Zealand. Though full of its people, their stories and descriptions of its scenery, it is also packed with observations that lead towards an understanding of its history and development into a peaceable cosmopolitan nation. In parallel with these journeys are the Maori and their struggle for recognition and the path of New Zealand’s constitution from initial chaos to the fifth most democratic country in the world. Out of this has also blossomed one of the world’s most ecologically aware countries. But now they have an important decision to make.

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