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Mega Man and Fatal Fury to receive DVD releases

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fatalfurymovieDiscotek Media has announced new three DVD releases based on classic gaming series for the US market. The first two are based on SNK’s Fatal Fury series of fighting games. Fatal Fury The Movie was originally released in 1994 and sees Terry Bogard and friends fighting to stop Laocorn Gaudeamus from assembling the armour of Mars, the Roman god of war, while Fatal Fury OVA appears from the run time to be a compilation of the animated features that tied in to the first two games. Each release will feature the English and Japanese voice tracks and new English subtitles, and Fatal Fury The Movie will gain a new widescreen anamorphic transfer. Both DVDs are scheduled for release on August 26th 2014.

Arriving a little later on September 30th is the Mega Man: The Complete Series DVD. The TV series originally ran from 1994 to 1995 and was a Saturday morning style action-adventure cartoon of the kind popular in the Eighties. The DVD release includes all 27 episodes on four DVDs, and is also graced with cover art that harks back to the NES classics. To find out more about all three releases, check out the Discotek Media website.


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