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Mega Man Board Game Funded

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A new board game based on the exploits of Mega Man has already sailed past its pledge goal, meaning we should hopefully get the game sometime next year.

Created by Jasco Games, it’s an interesting looking game that’s based upon the NES classics. One player plays as Bomberman, while the others are classic bosses who must stop Mega Man from reaching Dr Wiley. In true Mega Man style, Mega Man can gain the power of defeat enemies, which will help him in his final battle.


 Pay enough money and you’ll get these beautifully painted figures.

It’s too early to gauge Mega Man’s mechanics at this moment in time, but the ability to slot on different boss expansions to the edges of the board is certainly a very nice touch. The components are looking pretty gorgeous as well, although we’re not too sure on the quality of the actual board.

Currently sitting at just under $150,000 with 37 days to go it has already smashed its $70,000 target, so it will be interesting to see how the Kickstarter develops.

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