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Modernised N64 Pad Finds Kickstarter Success

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Modernised N64 Pad Finds Kickstarter Success

You’ve probably never heard of the Retro Fighters control pad for the N64, and we could hardly blame you for that – the Kickstarter campaign to make it has barely been up for a day. However, it has already smashed its $13,000 funding goal with 29 days to go.

The original N64 pad is a famously divisive design, thanks to an odd three-pronged configuration nicknamed the “trident” by fans. It certainly introduced some good ideas, such as the rear-mounted Z trigger in the centre of the pad, but it was a confusing design for newcomers and a very bulky device. Worse yet, the controller has long-term reliability problems – the analogue sticks tend to loosen significantly over time as plastic is worn away during regular operation.

The Retro Fighters pad adopts a layout similar to that of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, with B and A buttons in place of the right analogue stick. The C buttons have been enlarged for games which use them heavily, and the rear shoulder triggers are both Z, compensating for the move from its location in the centre of the pad.

If you want a Retro Fighters N64 controller, it’ll set you back $20 with an estimated delivery date of November 2017. Larger pledges will not you exclusive posters, T-shirts and your name in the manual. Extra colour options will be made available as stretch goals are reached.

For more information or to back the campaign, head over to the Retro Fighters Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.

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