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Night Trap: 25 Years Later Documentary Now Available

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In preparation for the forthcoming release of Night Trap: 25th Anniversary, YouTube gaming channel My Life In Gaming has released a documentary on the groundbreaking FMV game. This 49-minute video is a comprehensive look at the game from its earliest origins as a project for the cancelled VHS-based Hasbro Control-Vision console, the CD-ROM releases and the controversy over violence that followed, the failed Kickstarter campaign and the new edition of the gaming releasing soon. You can see it embedded above, or click here to view it on YouTube.

This documentary is a must-watch for any fan of the game, with great use of new interview content mixed in with archive footage. However, it also has a wider appeal as it gives a great look at the Control-Vision’s demo game Scene Of The Crime, as well as the unique production challenges of creating FMV games and the concerns over violence that ironically shaped the game into one that caused international outrage. If you’d like to have a copy to keep, Limited Run Games will be releasing a Blu-Ray version alongside standard and collector’s editions of the PS4 version of Night Trap: 25th Anniversary.

Incidentally, if you’re not following the My Life In Gaming channel, now’s the time to jump in. Hosts Coury and Try cover a range of retro gaming topics including series histories and old promotional VHS tapes, but they’re mainly known for producing an excellent RGB Masterclass series that will help you to get the best video output from your console, covering all options from stock hardware to mods and CRT to LCD TVs. Click here to give it a look.

Also, fans of Night Trap will be pleased to know that there’s an Ultimate Guide on the way in issue 172 of Retro Gamer – stay tuned for that!

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