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Night Trap: ReVamped hits Kickstarter

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Night TrapIf you enjoyed The Bluffer’s Guide to Interactive Movies in issue 131, here’s some news that’ll excite you – Night Trap, the most infamous example of the genre, is set for a re-release in HD. According to the Night Trap: ReVamped Kickstarter page, the project needs $330,000 to get off the ground and will be released on PC, Mac and unspecified PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The page also mentions that the team is looking into online and mobile versions of the game, and even a potential sequel should the re-release do well.

If you’re not familiar with Night Trap, the game has a long history. Originally shot in 1987 as a project for Hasbro’s aborted VHS-based NEMO console, Night Trap finally surfaced in 1992 as a Mega-CD game. The plot of the game saw you protecting teenage girls from a family of vampires and the half-vampire Augers, by activating traps around the house. The game quickly caused controversy, becoming a focal point of the 1993 hearings on videogame violence in the US Congress and being pulled by Toys R Us in North America, due in part to the misconception that the player’s job was to kill the girls. Despite this, the game sold well and was later ported to 32X CD, 3DO, PC and Mac.


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