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Ocarina Of Time 15 Years Old Today

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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time celebrates its 15th birthday today (in Pal land anyway).*

Darran has massively fond memories of Ocarina Of Time, mainly because he was able to experience it on Christmas Day. Darran’s brother was working at Toys R Us at the time, and was told in no uncertain terms that he would be disowned if it didn’t make Darran’s Christmas list.

The game turned up and what a game. Yes the Water Temple is as annoying as you’d be led to believe, but everything about Ocarina Of Time was just glorious. Amazing to look at, brilliantly paced and with superb dungeon design (alright, nearly superb dungeon design) it remains a timeless classic.

So what does the team think of this classic?
Darran: “It’s an astonishing game, filled with a sense of depth and exploration that back then felt incredibly new at the time. I’ll never forget walking out onto Hyrule Field for the first time or that final battle. A staggering achievement.”
Steve: “Ocarina Of Time represented an ambitious move for the franchise into full 3D rendering. However, even without its superb graphics and beautiful art design, there is an atmosphere that permeates the game that is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Subtract the Iron Boots fiasco and you’ve got a game that is near-enough perfect.”
Nick: “Nintendo just got so much right with Ocarina of Time, including small but significant things like the introduction of lock-on enemy targeting.”

So happy birthday Ocarina Of Time, we’re sure we’ll still be enjoying you in 15 years time.

* It was yesterday, this was lost in the site migration and just popped up 🙂

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