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One To Watch: Console Classics

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One To Watch: Console Classics

New publisher Console Classics yesterday released N2O, a hidden gem of the PlayStation library, on Steam. Although the debut was quiet – the game is the only one the publisher has put out so far – the company seems to have some big ambitions, as a quick look at its website suggests that it has licensed a range of PlayStation titles for release on modern platforms. The games include many ex-Gremlin games including the Actua sports series and Loaded, as well as games from other companies including Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Koudelka and D.

If you didn’t catch N2O the first time around, the game is a Tempest-style shooter in which you shoot up some bugs to licensed music, provided by The Crystal Method. The game was pretty well-received at the time and has aged decently well, though we haven’t yet played the Steam version, which appears to rely on emulation.

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