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Play Crazy Mega Drive Mods On Steam

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Sega has recently revamped its Mega Drive emulation front end on Steam, bringing the Nineties back to life via a 3D bedroom environment and a virtual shelf of Mega Drive games. Apart from improved emulation and other such niceties, the big news has been the addition of Steam Workshop support, allowing players to add their own mods to these classic games.

Uptake has been quick, with the majority of entries coming from the well established Sonic modding community – classic ROM hacks such as Big’s Fishing Derby and Sonic Bash are joined by “classics” such as Sonic In Paynt. Also present are oddities like Streets Of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die and a variety of unlicensed and prototype ROMs sneaking in, such as Super Donkey Kong ’99 and Sonic Crackers.

If you’re wondering just what a modded Mega Drive game looks like, check out the video above to see a selection of Sonic mods. Be warned – the language is not family-friendly!

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