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Primal Rage II surfaces

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It’s well known that Atari Games was planning a sequel to its prehistoric fighting game Primal Rage in the mid-Nineties, which was unceremoniously cancelled around the time of the company’s acquisition by Midway. The game has proven elusive though, with few prototypes known to exist and the existing ROM dump failing to yield playable results via emulation.

Long-suffering fans are in luck though, as the game is now up and running for the public to play! There’s only one small snag – the game is located at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, so you’re going to have to go a fair way out in order to play it (unless you’re lucky enough to be local, that is). The location is a bit of a hotbed for arcade events, as it was less than a year ago that Caitlin Oliver broke the Splatterhouse world record there – a record which itself had been set at the Galloping Ghost.

Primal Rage II appears to be a significant departure from the original Primal Rage, featuring human characters who only occasionally transform into dinosaurs and other such beasts. It’s visually similar to Rare’s arcade fighter Killer Instinct, thanks to its use of digitised sprites over traditional pixel art, a popular approach in the mid-Nineties. We can’t tell you too much about how it plays, but rest assured that if we get the chance to give it a go, we’ll feature it in the magazine. Until then, check out the video below!

(Shout to Arcade Heroes for the news!)

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