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Pro Wrestling X on Kickstarter

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Pro Wrestling X on KickstarterIf you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you might be aware of the enduring love for the grappling games released on the Nintendo 64. While visuals have moved on since developer AKI released WWF No Mercy in 2000, many feel that the game’s mechanics were never bettered. Such is the affection for the game amongst the fan community that it remains a hugely popular basis for mods, even today.

It’s with that in mind that Wrestling Gamers United has taken Pro Wrestling X to Kickstarter. The team hopes to make a computer game that will capture the mechanics that made WWF No Mercy great, while adding the depth of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, updating the appearance of the game and retaining the all-important ease of modding. It’s a big task, but the campaign is already close to its initial goal. If you’re interested in the project, check out the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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