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Project Hubbard Launches On Kickstarter

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If you’re a fan of Rob Hubbard, one of the most celebrated composers of videogame music, you’ll be interested to know that a major Kickstarter project has launched to celebrate his past work and get him back into the studio – and it’s going very well, with over £20,000 of the £50,000 goal already raised.

The project is comprised of a number of distinct components: firstly, a book called Rob Hubbard: The Official Reference, a 300 page hardback edition covering his music, the technology used in creating it and his influence within the gaming world. Then there are two musical products: Project Hubbard – Standard, which includes three albums (Hubbard ’80, Alt-SIDs and The Archive), and Project Hubbard – Deluxe, which includes all of the standard edition items plus four remix albums (with two more available as stretch goals) and other bonuses. Then there’s a new C64 cartridge game called Rob’s Life, too.

Pledges start from £21 for a digital copy of the book, and stretch goals include a London Symphony Orchestra performance of Rob’s music at the Barbican, extra book pages and further remixes.

To find out more or back the campaign, click here to visit the Project Hubbard page on Kickstarter.

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