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Putty Squad Returns After 19 Years

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putty squad-03

In a Christmas miracle, the likes we may never see again, Putty Squad has finally returned to the Amiga.

As far back as issue 60 we revealed in Retro Gamer that the game was in a completed, unreleased state and somewhere in the ownership of developer John Twiddy, but the game itself never appeared.

It looked like being one of the best last games of the Amiga, but System 3 never released it and Amiga fans have been awaiting its return ever since.

Several issues back System 3’s Mark Cale revealed it would be returning in the form of a special edition, but fans became angry when he later admitted that it wouldn’t be happening. There was a large backlash from the Amiga community, and System 3 used this commotion to reach out and see if something could be done to rectify the situation.

Many were convinced that Putty Squad had never been finished and that it would never see the light of day, but then an Amiga member called Galahad got in touch with System 3 and Mark Cale and offered a solution.

putty squad-02

That solution has enabled fans of the game to finally download the 19-year old game and play it via emulator or on a WHDLoad Installer.

So finally, after nearly 20 years of patiently waiting, Amiga owners are finally rewarded with the game that System 3 was planning as its farewell to the 16-bit computer. A big well done to System 3 and Galahad for making it all happen.

You can download the game directly from System 3’s website and get a WHDLoad Installer from popular Amiga website Codetapper. You can also read a fascinating interview with Galahad at Codetapper about the game’s miraculous return.

Merry Christmas everyone and look out for a review in a later issue of Retro Gamer.