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Rare PAL 32X releases surface on eBay

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primal_rage_32xIt’s a rare time for 32X collectors, as two of the rarest games for the system are up on eBay at the same time. A PAL copy of T-Mek is up for £1,299.99 at the Buy It Now price and is complete, with a cartridge disassembly picture intended to prove the authenticity of the cartridge. Meanwhile, a PAL copy of Primal Rage is up for £2300.00 as a Buy It Now listing. This one appears to have its small tape seal intact, which would make it an incredibly rare item indeed.

Due to the system’s failure, the last PAL 32X games were given very limited distribution via mail order and Sega’s website, accounting for their rarity. The third very rare and expensive PAL 32X game is Darxide, which is generally a little less expensive than the other two.

If you’re curious as to how Sega’s add-on died so spectacularly and so soon, pick up a copy of the latest issue of Retro Gamer for a full 20th anniversary 32X retrospective.


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