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Rate Every Game Ever With Our Awesome New App

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JAS-iconlogoImagine Publishing has just launched a brand new app that lets you score anything, including classic videogames!

Just A Score is an exciting new social app that allows you to apply a score to anything you like, whether it’s a person, a famous event, a feeling or even a classic videogame. Simply put in the thing you want to score, assign a score and share it with your friends.

scoreIt’s a great way of finding out what your friends like and what’s currently popular. It’s also brilliant for settling scores on classic videogames, so you can share with the Retro Gamer community and find out what everyone really thinks of classic games like Ocarina Of Time, Doom and Prince Of Persia (along with anything else you might want to add).

Best of all, Just A Score won’t cost you a single penny as it’s absolutely free with no adverts or in-app purchases. Simply download the app and score away to your heart’s content. And just make sure you give Capcom’s Strider the 10 it deserves.

Just A Score works on both iOS devices and Apple Watch and is available for free from the AppStore.


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