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Razion announced for Neo Geo

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It’s that time again – with Neo XYX out of the way, NG:DEV.TEAM has shown its first trailer for Razion, its new 2D shoot-’em-up. First impressions? It looks a lot like Yumekobo’s Neo Geo game Blazing Star, with large, impressively animated pre-rendered sprites used everywhere. There’s even a neat Terminator-esque enemy in there. The team is promising six stages with 13 bosses, and the first ever USB-updateable Neo Geo cartridge. If you’re excited about it, have a look at the official Razion website.

If you’ve not come across the work of NG:DEV.TEAM before, here’s a recap! The team is based in Germany and makes new shoot-’em-ups for retro consoles, typically the Neo Geo and Dreamcast. The company made its debut with Last Hope in 2006, and has since released an update to that game as well as Fast Striker, Gunlord and Neo XYX, the latter of which scored 80% in issue 128 of Retro Gamer.

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