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Replay Events Announces Play Expo London

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Replay Events Announces Play Expo London

UK fans of retro gaming will undoubtedly be familiar with Play Expo – the events, held by Replay Events around the UK, are a heady mixture of classic arcade, console and computer gaming, with modern games, pinball, shopping opportunities, special guests and more added for good measure. While the events are a popular destination for players, they’ve typically been located more conveniently for those in the north – only 2016’s Margate event stands out against Blackpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

But that’s about to change, as Play Expo London has been announced for 11-12 August 2018. The first Play Expo to be held in the capital will be at Printworks, a venue located in the Surrey Quays area of the Docklands. The show will offer up all the fun normally associated with Play Expo, but in a slightly more convenient location for those of us in the south. Adult day tickets are £20 and child day tickets £14, with discounts for family and full weekend bookings.

To keep up with the latest news on Play Expo London, including guest announcements and more, click here to visit the official Play Expo London website.

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