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Resident Evil arrives on the Mega Drive

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Resident Evil arrives on the Mega Drive

A team of Russian homebrew coders known as PSCD has recently whipped up something a little bit special – a proof of concept demo showing how Resident Evil could work on the Mega Drive. As you can see, the game uses an isometric perspective rather than trying to recreate the pre-rendered scenes of the PlayStation original, and mixes familiar elements from the first game with unusual things like the presence of Claire Redfield, the heroine of Resident Evil 2.

It’s very early work, as the project was launched less than eight weeks ago – the team has drawn all new graphics, and has implemented movement within and between rooms, inventory management, a dialogue system and very basic combat. However, it’s still a very small demo. Claire is missing a great deal of animation, the single zombie doesn’t yet move or attack, and the puzzles are very simple. Still, we hope to see this project progress in the future, and the team has stated that they wish to make a full game using the engine.

To play the demo for yourself, visit the release page to download a ROM here: http://pscd.ru/news/10086-demo-resident-evil-dlya-sega-megadrive-genesis.html

Resident Evil arrives on the Mega Drive

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