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Resident Evil Zero Prototype Shown Off

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N64 fans rejoice – Capcom has shown off some footage of the greatest game never released for the console. Resident Evil Zero, a prequel to the original Resident Evil, was in development for the N64 at the end of the Nineties and intended for release in 2000. Enough of the game was finished that a playable demo was made available to visitors to the Tokyo Game Show in 1999. However, the game was scrapped as an N64 project when the amount of content required became too large for a single cartridge, and development was moved to the Nintendo Gamecube. The game eventually released in 2002, and is about to be re-released in HD form. The video above compares the N64 prototype, the Gamecube game and the new remake.

While the existence of the N64 game was widely known due to its public showing, the fate of the prototype was never clear. Players looking for details have previously had to rely on poor-quality video captured from the public demo and old magazine scans. However, the fact that Capcom has been able to show off high quality video footage means that the prototype still exists, and might well be able to be included as a bonus feature in a future Resident Evil game. We can only hope!

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