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Retro Gamer 154 Is Out Now!

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Retro Gamer issue 154 is on shelves today, and we’re leading off with a cover feature on id Software’s massive Quake series, which is 20 years old this year. We’ve spoken to John Romero, Adrian Carmack and Graeme Devine about one of the defining first-person shooter franchises of the late Nineties, and a game which took online multiplayer into the limelight.

Elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find out how 3D Starstrike and Starstrike II were made, thanks to a candid chat with Ian Oliver. Andrew Fisher looks back at the Commodore VIC-20 on its 35th anniversary, speaking with former Commodore staff. We’ve also got two new Ultimate Guides for you, covering the beat-’em-up classic Renegade and the thinking man’s shoot-’em-up Desert Strike, and Cobra becomes the second game to feature in our new Licence To Thrill feature. French publisher Microids is covered in From The Archives, the Atari Lynx is the system of choice for this month’s Minority Report and former Gargoyle Games artist Stuart Cox looks back over his career on 8-bit home computers in our regular In The Chair interview.

If you prefer your retro a little bit newer, we’ve got you covered too. Team Ninja’s Yohei Shimbori has revealed all about the history of the company’s iconic Dead Or Alive fighting franchise. Jez San and Simon Keating talk about the creation of Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos, the 3D platformer that took the PlayStation and Saturn by storm in the late Nineties. We’ve also got a news story on the collapse of the Coleco Chameleon, with insight from one of the publishers that was set to support the machine, as well as your usual favourites like Back To The Nineties, Classic Moments, Future Classics and more.

Retro Gamer issue 154 is out today in all good newsagents, and is also available online at imagineshop.co.uk and digitally via greatdigitalmags.com.

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