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Retro Gamer 157 & Sega Archives Are Out Now!

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If you’re out shopping this weekend and fancy a bit of classic gaming action, we’ve got good news for you! First up, a brand new issue of Retro Gamer is on shelves now and ready for you to devour. You can see Darran and our new designer Sam Ribbits go through the issue in the video above – you’ll see features on the N64, Combat, Bonk, Fire And Ice, pinball games, lesser-known ZX Spectrum games and more.

Secondly, there’s good news for those of you who are more specific in your retro affections and particularly love Sega. We’ve got a second release this week, our newest bookazine – Sega Archives. This fantastic release collates amazing features from Retro Gamer’s back catalogue to cover the highs and lows of one of gaming’s most fascinating companies. From the early arcade hits and the glory years of the Mega Drive and Sonic The Hedgehog, to the missteps of the Mega-CD and 32X right through to the company’s underappreciated Dreamcast, we’ve dug out the biggest and best games, profiled the hardware and turned up some of the best Sega games you’ve never played.

Both Retro Gamer issue 157 and Sega Archives are out in all good newsagents now. They’re also available online both physically and digitally via the links below:

Retro Gamer Issue 157 physical
Sega Archives physical

Retro Gamer Issue 157 digital
Sega Archives digital

Retro Gamer 157 & Sega Archives Are Out Now!

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