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Retro Gamer Collection Vol 5 now available

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Submitted by: Darren Jones

We’re pleased to announce that our latest Retro Gamer collection is now available to buy from all good retailers. Personally compiled by Retro Gamer’s editor, Darran Jones, it represents some of the best features and content to appear in the magazine over a 12-issue period, and as a result, shouldn’t be missed by any fan of classic games.   Highlights include an in-depth look at Lara Croft, Prince of Persia and Sabre Man, makings of classic games, including Strider, Super Metroid, Asteroids, as well as exhaustive articles on key consoles and computers such as Sony’s PlayStation and the Apple II.   Retro Gamer Collection Vol 5 is available from WHSmiths, Barnes & Nobles and other popular retailers, and can also be bought directly from the Imagine Shop www.imagineshop.co.uk.   If you love retro gaming then you need this bookazine. It really is that simple.

Retro Gamer Collection Vol 5 now available