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Retro Gamer Collection Vol 8 Now Available

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RS42005_001_RC_08-lprRetro Gamer magazine is proud to present its very latest bookazine.

We’ve scoured previous issues of your favourite retro magazine to bring you some of the very best articles we’ve covered. The legacy of Space Invaders, the history of Street Fighter and Final Fantasy are just a few of the big franchises covered, many with exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else. Not even on the internet.

116-117_RG_107We reveal the 30 greatest power-ups of all time, look back at the legacy of Sim City with Will Wright and look at how classic arcade games were converted to the 8-bit home computers of yesteryear.

008-009_RG_116There are in-depth looks at classic machines, including the Apple II and PC Engine, and we also speak to classic developers, including Jordan Mechner and Shahid Ahmad. We also go behind the scenes of many classic games, revealing insight into such hits as Renegade, NBA Jam and Planescape: Torment. In short, if you love retro gaming we’ve got all your bases covered.

054-55Retro Gamer Collection Volume 8 is available now for the fantastic price of £9.99. Buy it now from all good retailers or directly from the ImagineShop.


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