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Retro Gamer Issue 134 Is Out Today!

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Retro Gamer Issue 134 Is Out Today!Readers in the UK should be able to find Retro Gamer’s brand new issue starting today, so you might all be wanting to know what’s in it. As the cover suggests, our big feature this month is a 12-page look back at the Sega Saturn as the machine approaches its 20th anniversary, featuring developer insight and a Q&A with former Sega Of America CEO Tom Kalinske.

Elsewhere in the issue, Martyn Carroll takes to the streets of Gotham to bring you the history of Batman’s gaming adventures, from the classic isometric game and Michael Keaton film tie-ins right up to today’s amazing Arkham series. But if you were more of a fan of Scarecrow than Batman or just need something to get you through Halloween, check out The Scariest Moments Of All Time, a collection of stressful moments from being chased in 3D Monster Maze to the classic moment with the dogs in Resident Evil.

There’s plenty more besides, too – we’ve got a selection of Commodore 128 classics in Minority Report, an examination of hardcore collectors and their habits in Gaming Obsessions, and an account of a PlayStation classic’s origins in The Making Of Medal Of Honor. Plus, there’s all your usual favourites such as The Unconverted, Back To The Nineties and Homebrew.

The issue is available in shops now, but fret not if you can’t find it near you – you can buy both the physical edition of issue 134 and a digital version of issue 134 online.

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