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Retro Gamer Issue 141 Is On Sale Now!

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Retro Gamer Issue 141 Is On Sale Now!It’s that time of the month again – a new issue of Retro Gamer is hitting the shelves, this time featuring the ill-fated Power Glove as its cover star. The infamously bad motion control peripheral leads our massive 16 page feature on the greatest disasters in gaming history, in which we examine failed ventures such as the Virtual Boy, Bandersnatch and Daikatana.

Retro Gamer Issue 141 Is On Sale Now!Also inside, Graeme Mason takes a look at the making of Driller, the pioneering 3D adventure for 8-bit machines; Mick West recounts his time doing the conversion of Parasol Stars, the third part of the Bubble Bobble story; we open the archives of System 3, publisher of The Last Blade, Putty and IK+; and Brian Fargo, creator of The Bard’s Tale and Wasteland, sits down with us to talk about his career.

Retro Gamer issue 141 is out now priced £4.99. Physical copies are available for worldwide shipping via imagineshop.co.uk, and digital copies can be obtained via greatdigitalmags.com.

Retro Gamer Issue 141 Is On Sale Now!


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