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Retro Gamer Issue 145 Is Out Today!

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Retro Gamer Issue 145 Is Out Today!The latest issue of Retro Gamer is available today, from all good newsagents as well as imagineshop.co.uk and greatdigitalmags.com. So let’s take a look inside!

Our cover story is a world exclusive interview with Yu Suzuki on the making of the arcade classic Space Harrier. Back in the big leagues after helming gaming’s biggest ever Kickstarter campaign, Suzuki reveals the inspirations behind the game and the challenges involved in bringing it to life.

Retro Gamer Issue 145 Is Out Today!

Elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find us looking back at the Acorn Electron, the budget counterpart to the BBC Micro that managed to outperform the main attraction in game sales. We’ve also managed to talk to Brian Fargo about the history of the long-running Bard’s Tale series, and found out how Alleykat managed to technically surpass its incredible predecessor Uridium. And to prove that good things come in small packages, readers have their say on the best games in the library of the PC Engine, NEC’s alluringly tiny console.

If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also put together our Ultimate Guide to the blockbusting arcade hit Arkanoid and taken a look at the lesser-known library of the ZX Spectrum 128K. Then of course, there’s all the usual good stuff, from our round-up of retro news to the latest homebrew developments, as well as ongoing favourites like our Retro Revivals, Peripheral Vision and of course Back To The Nineties.

Retro Gamer Issue 145 Is Out Today!

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