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Retro Gamer Issue 151 Is Out Now!

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If you’ve been patiently awaiting a new dose of Retro Gamer after our monumental 150th issue, wait no longer – issue 151 is on shelves now! You can check out a video preview of the issue above.

This hard-hitting issue is headlined by a feature on the legacy of Street Fighter II, the game which catapulted one-on-one fighting games from a niche genre to the world’s hottest arcade products. We look back at how the game changed the fighting landscape through the eyes of those affected, including the Capcom staff still working on the Street Fighter series, a rival fighting game producer, an arcade owner and a competitive player. We’ve also covered every one of the game’s numerous revisions as well as the best and worst home ports, and spoken to the man who created the iconic art for the games (including Street Fighter II Turbo, which adorns our cover).

Elsewhere in the issue, we’ve got more big hits. The 8-bit isometric classic Head Over Heels is laid bare in an Ultimate Guide, featuring an exclusive interview with Jon Ritman, and David Darling looks back at the creation of the Nineties multiplayer mainstay Micro Machines 2. Andrew Hewson talks to us about 21st Century Entertainment, and the adventure game legend Ron Gilbert sits down for a long-form interview about his career in our regular In The Chair spot. There’s also the making of 8-bit games Zzoom! and Scooby Doo, plus a history of Apple’s Macintosh range of computers. Finally, if you’re looking to pick up games for a specific system, be sure to check out the top 25 Neo Geo games, as voted by our readers, and a look back at underappreciated N64 games in Minority Report.

Retro Gamer issue 151 should be in all good newsagents now priced £4.99, and it’s also available via imagineshop.co.uk. If you’d like a digital copy for your devices, be sure to visit greatdigitalmags.com.

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