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Retro Gamer Issue 179 Hits The Shelves!

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Retro Gamer Issue 179 Hits The Shelves!

Issue 179 of Retro Gamer is rolling into newsagents, with two fantastic gifts that will please any fan of the Commodore 64. The C64 Remix CD, produced in association with C64Audio.com, features 12 classic tunes reimagined from their original SID incarnations, with the likes of Matt Gray, Marcel Donné and Chris Abbott remixing Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and more – see the bottom of this post for the full track list. There’s also a double-sided poster, featuring a nostalgic Commodore 64 scene on one side and a selection of fantastic artwork from the late Bob Wakelin on the other.

Inside the magazine, you’ll find two great features on Pac-Man. In the first, Tod Frye talks about his Atari 2600 conversion of the classic arcade game, and the highs and lows that came with it. In the second, we delve into the late-Eighties arcade sequel Pac-Mania and all of its home conversions in an Ultimate Guide. Elsewhere in the magazine, you’ll find the making of home computer hits Dark Star and Moonstone as well as the hit Disney licensed platformer Aladdin. Additionally, there’s a collector’s guide to Quicksilva games, a look at the BBC Micro’s excellent arcade clones and a Minority Report on import Dreamcast games.

You’ll also find an Ultimate Guide to Konami’s lighthearted shoot-’em-up Parodius, a history of Sonic The Hedgehog’s outings on the Master System. As always the issue is capped off with a sit-down interview, with this month’s subject being Gregg Mayles – a veteran game designer at Rare whose work includes Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata and the current hot Xbox One game Sea Of Thieves. Of course, that’s not all – as always, plenty more games are featured in Retro Revivals, The Unconverted, Classic Moments, Lost In Translation and Back To The Noughties.

You can find the magazine at all good newsagents from Thursday 22 April 2018, or order online via My Favourite Magazines. If you prefer a digital copy, you can find it via the Apple App Store, Google Play, Zinio, Pocketmags or Readly.

C64 Remix CD Track List

01/ Lightforce – Marcel Donné
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

02/ The Last V8 – Fabian Del Priore & Marcel Donné
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

03/ Thalamusik: Sanxion Loading Theme – Matt Gray
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

04/ Ghouls ‘N Ghosts – Fastloaders
Original composer: Tim Follin

05/ Wizball 2000 (Lara And Enya Mix) – Tonka
Original composer: Martin Galway

06/ Flash Gordon – Chris Abbott & Alistair “Boz” Bowness
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

07/ Hyperion 2: Main Theme – Matt Gray
Original composer: Matt Gray

08/ Mega Apocalypse – Matt Gray
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

09/ Mutants – Reyn Ouwehand
Original composer: Fred Gray

10/ Phantoms Of The Asteroid – Matt Gray
Original composer: Rob Hubbard

11/ Galway Is God 2000 (CD Mix) – Jogeir Liljedahl
Original composer: Martin Galway

12/ Wizball (High Score) – Iridium feat. Kenz
Original composer: Martin Galway

Already interested, or bought the issue and liked what you heard? Head to C64Audio.com for more information on buying the full albums.

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