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Retro mode discovered in Broken Age

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Double Fine Productions’ latest game, Broken Age, has been found to contain some fun Easter Eggs for retro fans keen to relive the days of classic LucasArts point-and-click releases. Two additional graphics modes can be found by setting the full screen resolution of the game to 640×480. 8-bit mode grants some massively chunky pixels, while retro mode makes things a little more detailed, with dithered colours to simulate the mid-Nineties PC look. For full instructions on how to activate these modes, watch the video above.

Released this week, Broken Age is a poster child of the Kickstarter development process. The game was put into production after Double Fine successfully raised $3.3 million in March 2012, smashing its $400,000 goal. Notably, the only details at the time of the campaign were that the game would be a point-and-click adventure, a genre that Tim Schafer is experienced in following his work on Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series.

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