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Retro VGS Hits The Rocks

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Retro VGS Hits The RocksThe Retro VGS, which entered its crowdfunding campaign less than two weeks ago, is being pulled from Indiegogo following a failure to build upon its initial momentum. The new cartridge-based console was seeking $1.95 million to go into production, but after a promising first 24 hours in which over $50,000 was raised, the flow of new backers ground to a halt. A statement was issued on the Retro VGS Facebook page, which you can see below:

Hey Everyone! It’s clear, in its current state the RETRO VGS Indiegogo campaign is dead in the water and thusly will be…

Posted by RETRO VGS on Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The campaign had been beset by controversy, with many complaints that no working prototype was shown. This was refuted with a YouTube video as part of a detailed rebuttal, but there was no effect on the campaign.

As ever, we’ll let you know when the new campaign goes live.