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Road Rash-style Racer Road Redemption Secures Kickstarter Funding

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Submitted by: Darren Jones

Road Rash-style Racer Road Redemption Secures Kickstarter Funding

Spiritual Road Rash successor Road Redemption has smashed its Kickstarter target.

Despite EA’s Road Rash franchise seeing zero action this console generation, rumours of its return have been circulating for a long while.

Burnout series’ creator Criterion have teased fans in the past by saying it would welcome trying to bring back the series, but so far nothing has been announced officially from either the studio or EA.

Well those pining for its return will be delighted to hear that Road Redemption, a game that is basically Road Rash in everything but name, has recently secured its funding target on Kickstarter.

Developed by DarkSeas Games, Road Redemption will carry the blood-stained baton of the cult Mega Drive born franchise, but update it for modern audiences with slick 3D visuals, finely-tuned physics, online play and battles no longer confined to the tarmac – meaning of course it’ll be possible to get sand and grass rash too.  

The project secured $173,803 of funding despite needing only $160,000, and 4,409 people pledged their support.   

Check out the official game trailer to see it in action.