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Sam’s Journey Receives A New Trailer

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We’ve had our eyes on Knights Of Bytes’ upcoming game Sam’s Journey for a while now, as it’s one of the most intriguing C64 projects in development. The developers have never revealed a release date, and while that situation hasn’t changed, the game is starting to look close to release – the developers have moved from sneak peeks to the full-blown gameplay trailer you see above.

Sam’s Journey looks like it’s really pushing the C64’s technical capabilities. As well as a multitude of on-screen sprites and some incredibly colourful environments, the game exhibits the kind of smooth multi-directional scrolling that is more commonly associated with consoles and 16-bit computers.

When Sam’s Journey finally makes its way to C64s around the world, it’ll be released by noted C64 publisher Protovision as a boxed 5.25 inch floppy disk (€45.00), a boxed cartridge (€55.00) or a download (€19.99). We’ll keep you updated when this happens.

(Hat tip to Retrocollect for the news)

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