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Seagulls Release New Album On Genesis Cartridge

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We’re going to be completely honest – we’d never heard of the band Seagulls prior to today. However, we’re glad that we have. The indie rockers have done something a little bit different for the release of their latest album, Great Pine. Sure, you can buy it on vinyl or download it, but why take either of those routes when you’ve got the option of getting the album on a Sega Genesis cartridge?

Sadly, the cart itself won’t run on actual 16-bit hardware. Instead you’ll have to plug it into a regular old USB slot to access the tasty music contained within. Still, it’s not often we see an album released like this, so kudos for trying something different. If you want one of these strictly limited edition packages, you’d better act fast – there are very few of them left (seven at the time of writing). Click here to visit the store page, where you can exchange $20 for your copy. If you’d rather hear what you’re buying first, click here to stream the music.

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