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Secret Of Mana Is Being Remade In 3D

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Square Enix is really bringing the retro love this week, as it has announced a 3D remake of SNES action-RPG favourite Secret Of Mana for release on the PC, PS4 and PlayStation Vita on 15 February 2018. You can see the first trailer for the game above. The game will only be available digitally, but it doesn’t come cheap – the PS4 digital pre-order is £32.99.

Secret Of Mana was first released for the SNES by Square in 1993 and is the second game in the Mana series, following the Game Boy game Final Fantasy Adventure. The game was renowned for its three-player drop-in multiplayer, as well as graphics and sound of exceptionally high quality. The new remake is set to add an arranged soundtrack, voice acting and unspecified “upgraded gameplay for the modern platforms,” according to Square Enix.

This is an intriguing release – while it can’t have been cheap to remake the game from scratch, the visual results are a bit underwhelming. In fact, dare we say it, it looks like Square Enix is keeping low polygon counts in order to make a future mobile release viable. Is that worth the premium digital price? Let us know what you think.

In the meantime, to find out more about the new version of Secret Of Mana, keep an eye on Square Enix’s dedicated Twitter account by clicking here.

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