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Sega’s Big Retro Spotify Debut

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Sega's Big Retro Spotify Debut

Sega has recently put up, rather quietly, a huge number of videogame soundtracks on the music streaming service Spotify. You can see a full list by clicking here, but we thought we’d pull out some highlights below!

Some Sega games are already well-known for their soundtracks, in particular Jet Set Radio and its sequel Jet Set Radio Future, the arcade classic OutRun and the cult Saturn hit NiGHTS Into Dreams. However, there are some lesser-known classics on here too – the music for the 3DS favourite Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure is available to stream, as is the surprisingly good accompaniment to the 2002 Shinobi reboot. There are also plenty of arcade soundtracks, including the likes of Virtua Fighter, Galaxy Force II and Gunblade NY, and all manner of Sonic soundtracks, which are often the best bits of the recent releases. Best of all, though, is the inclusion of a complete Alex Kidd soundtrack!

Here’s hoping we see more publishers following suit, because this has really brightened our day.

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