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SLaVE Blasts Onto Dreamcast

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The Dreamcast is a console which has enjoyed an incredible amount of posthumous support, with at least a couple of new games for Sega’s hardware swansong appearing each year. However, these titles are often 2D shoot-’em-ups – a popular choice with fans of the console, but a genre imbalance which potentially leaves some fans out in the cold.

Enter Jay Townsend’s SLaVE. It’s still a shooting game, but it’s a first-person shooter rather than a traditional 2D sort. It looks very much like a first-person version of Robotron 2084, and the homage is intentional – pre-orders for the game are priced at $20.84 on The GOAT Store. We like the game’s decidedly old-school aesthetic, and we’ll be eager to have a look at it when it releases in April 2015.

The last time we reviewed a Dreamcast game, it was Neo XYX in issue 128. We gave it 80% – you can pick up a digital copy of the issue here.

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