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Sonic 2 HD back in development

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sonic2hdSonic 2 HD, a fan project to remake Sega’s classic platformer, has sprung back to life over two years after it collapsed. The game’s Facebook page has recently started to update again, explaining that the project has been revived due to the contributions of a new programmer. The team is also looking for new contributors, specifically on the graphics/animation side of things.

If you’ve never heard of Sonic 2 HD before, it’s a high profile fan project which aims to rebuild Sonic 2 with an updated soundtrack and brand new 1080p visuals. The project unceremoniously collapsed on itself in March 2012, following the release of a demo version which was blighted by programming incompetence. The fact that the recommended specifications that matched the PC version of the much more taxing Sonic Generations was bad, but the fact that the demo triggered anti-virus software due to the programmer’s attempts at implementing DRM were immeasurably worse. However, those that actually had machines powerful enough to run the game enjoyed it due to the high quality art and music, and with a new programmer involved the project has a better chance of making progress.

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