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Speedball 2 HD On Sale Now

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ss_a4b7ddcf077fbb5d60433c53906f7608ee54486f-1.1920x1080Speedball 2 HD hits Steam. Get ready for pain.

Fans of icecream and sports brutality will be pleased to know that Speedball 2 HD is now available on Steam.

The classic futuristic sports game has had input from both Mike Montgomery and Jon Hare, and is an excellent reproduction of the original game. While the graphics haven’t been enhanced, like The Chaos Engine, the replicate the distinctive look of the 16-bit originals.

Extras over the original game include achievements, and 6 brand new Speedball arenas, giving you plenty of new locations to get stuck into your opponents.

Speedball 2 HD is available now on Steam for £5.99. Expect a review in our next issue.

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