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Sponsored Post: 5 Nostalgic Games That Never Get Old

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For some people, video games are a great way to waste a bit of time and relax after a hard day at work or school. For others, they’re tantamount to an obsession and take up far more time than they should. Either way, there’s no denying that video games today have become awesomely advanced.

Super realistic graphics, intense storylines and fantastic soundtracks are just a few elements that most modern-day games feature. But, despite all this, there are times when we need to return to those old nostalgic hits by digging out and dusting off a classic game.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 games for installing a feeling of true nostalgia in anyone who plays them:

Super Mario Kart

The epitome of Nintendo, Super Mario Kart was, and still is, a firm fan favourite. Making its debut way back in the early 1990s on the SNES, Super Mario Kart offered us something highly playable and gave us the opportunity to battle our friends.

Choose from any one of eight classic Nintendo characters and experience pure arcade racing mayhem across a variety of tracks and terrains. One of the most appealing aspects of Mario Kart was the fact you could pick it up and play it for five minutes or spend five hours having a marathon session.

Anyone looking to relive their youth and enjoy Super Mario Kart once more should check out the range of pre-owned games available at GAME or just get the latest version – Mario Kart 8!

Super Mario Kart (U) [!].029Goldeneye 007

Anything James Bond related is usually successful. After all, it is one of the world’s best-known movie franchises. It was no surprise then that Goldeneye 007 enjoyed such success back in 1997 when it was released.

The single-player campaign wasn’t anything we’d seen before and the quirky realistic faces on the bad guys were truly unique. However, it was the multiplayer element that brought Goldeneye into its own. Up to four players all battling it out on the same console – truly brilliant!

Remember though, Goldeneye 007 was only released on the Nintendo 64, so if you don’t own one of these retro consoles you’ll have to search for one online somewhere like EBay.

goldeneyeStreetfighter II

Fans of Capcom’s Streetfighter series were given a real treat when the 2nd instalment of the classic beat-em-up came out back in 1991.

A direct sequel to the hugely popular Streetfighter, Streetfighter II gave us even more button-smashing action and new special moves. In fact, many people attribute it to sparking the boom of fighting games in the early 90s.

street fighter 2Final Fantasy VII

What nostalgic list would be complete without at least one Final Fantasy title? And few are arguably better than Final Fantasy VII released back in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation. Its popularity, even today, can be seen in the plethora of Final Fantasy VII products available on Play.com.

Final Fantasy VII saw a couple of ‘firsts’ in the epic game series: first 3D computer graphics and the first Final Fantasy title to be released in Europe. What did European teenagers do before the game’s protagonist Cloud Strife hit their consoles?

final fantasy 7Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Published by Activision in 1999, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was originally produced for the PlayStation but was successfully ported to other consoles in due course.

With its innovative gameplay, intuitive controls and highly-detailed levels, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was always going to be a winner. The game proved so popular that it remains an active franchise until this day, with new versions still being released on a regular basis.

tony hawks

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