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Sponsored Post: LG Delivers The Ultimate Gaming Monitors

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Large_34For precision FPS gaming, the best frame rates or simply for getting rid of your multi-screen setup for something more economical, LG has you covered. It’s new 34UC97 and 24GM77 are the ultimate monitors for gaming on PC and Mac at home.

The LG 24GM77 is built for fast-paced gaming. It’s 144Hz refresh rate cuts down on afterimages and makes for incredibly fluid visuals of the best high-definition games.

Medium_24Motion 240 technology also helps with afterimage, cutting down on motion blur. The LG 24GM77 also features Dynamic Action Sync, which synchronizes the display with real-time scenes, minimising input lag

To combat the darker games you might be playing the LG 24GM77 also has a Black Stablizer that creares optimized gradation of scenes to reveal darker corners. It really delivers everything a gamer could demand from a PC monitor.

Small_24Meanwhile the LG 34UC97 delivers the kind of screeb real estate that typically only a multi-screen setup would allow. The 34-inch, 21:9 display is perfect for RTS and Simulation games, giving you a wider view of events.

This gorgeous display is also curved for the most immersive experience possible. Its IPS QHD resolution display gives you a crisp image right across the screen.

You can find out more about LGs new screens here

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